Contemporary Picturalism, 0:28, 2014

Rrose Present - (Roser Teresa Gerona Ribas) was born in Barcelona. She graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. Master of Philosophy in Contemporary Art of the University of Barcelona and the Miró Foundation. Her work consists in combining artistic production, video and theoretical reflexing. In her  production of images acquires an important role as a result of a dialogue between criticism and art production, looking for places of confluence. She makes the project "Thinking with your hands". They are a audiovisual series to the format of a "Particular Dictionary Critical Praxis of art criticism." Where she works aesthetic/ethical concepts of past, present and possible futures.

This video forms a part of the series “Pensar con las manos” " Think With Your Hands ".
It represents a particular dictionary of critique to the critique of the art, written in " illuminated time ", that is, audio-visual time. It does not illustrate foreign thought, but it puts in in practice thoughts which give sensitive form to my ideas. It is about constructing an opinion about art in dialog with the textuality of aesthetics.
Duchamp wanted to break the "habit", vacate the cultural constructions that inhabit our view. Visual expression of stereotypical thinking.
The concept of "pictorialism" was a way to "feel" and reproduce (mimetic) determined stereotyping "Aesthetic" through the "texture" of the brush. A "aesthetic feeling" creates "stereotypes" whether it be with the "visual noise" of a brush or a pixel.
This video is a reflection on the empathic style of each time, which may or not represent art.