Barry Smylie (Cnd)
Ben Clarkson (Cnd)
Fakeshop (USA)
Jing Zhou (Chn) (Twn)
Luigia Cardarelli (It)
Manusamo & Bzika (Es)
Peter Whittenberger (USA)

September Eleven Fourtheen Years by Ben Clarkson(Cnd), 2013

Artist's response to conspiracy theory culture on the internet, as well as the global political results of the attacks of september eleventh. The artist wanted to create a structure to replay the televised events of the two hours of primary footage, from the beginning of the urgent coverage, to the conclusion of the second collapse. He wanted to take events we already knew about, had seen, and elongate them over a larger period of history. The project officially began on october 17th 2013 and will proceed to october 17th 2023. It will then stop and not be able to be viewed again.