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The 1 Up Fever, by Silvia Dal Dosso(It), 2013

This is a short Mockumentary (13 mins.).
Synopsis: Berlin goes crazy for a smartphone app that allows users to play the SuperMarioBros game in AR and win Bitcoins by playing. Famous berliner geeks and hackers are taking part to the joke.
Aim of the project: Once that the film was completed, it was uploaded on the internet where it become a proper social experiment. There were collected chats and comments about the movie and of the people reaction to this mockery: in Poland, Portugal and Japan the news about the 1 Up Fever app was posted as this was a real app, now in commerce. On reddit, blogs and BTC chats there were discussions about the feasibility of the app, and about the conspiracy behind the movie. Many where writing from all over the world to get
this new phantomatic application which kind of awakened the old Klondike Gold Rush. German, French and American magazines, blogs or tvchannels were finally dismantled the mock, and bringing the readers to a more qualitative consideration: to this day, most of the Internet's users have no idea about the huge earnings that big search engines and social networks make out of their private informations, data roaming, from the tracking of their buying, selling, talking. For those users, the usage of apps, social networks and so on is nothing more than a game.