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Tammy Mike Laufer, 2006-12
Thoughts on dancing body, Web Art Performance

My works are based digital three-dimensional drawing. This project is based on six pieces of digital painting. Various movements of the body, special angles are painted imagery, creating
Visual performance. When we can in the background, hear the heartbeat of the characters. The drama is created, when the characters move and change their positions.

Tammy Mike Laufer was born in 1960 Tel Aviv, Israel. She is Art director and an Artist. Her professional education from the 'Technion' Israel Institute of Technology Graphic Design Degree, and Continuing education program for Designers at Sivan College Tel Aviv. She deals with Digital Art almost two decades. Participated in exhibitions in Museums and galleries around the world, 53' Venice Biennale, New York, Italy, Greece, Japan and Israel.

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